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Let me be a teenager for a second…the text message I just sent was priceless and made me feel empowered. And Taking Back Sunday Pandora is adding to the goodness. 

Take it or leave it, man…it’s your loss “friend” :) 

And can someone just give me a book that has all the answers to life’s problems?! please. When do things get easier? and the bigger question, when do i get over this?! it’s been long enough. summer was supposed to be the clean break i needed, and now in the past week it’s like it’s all cluttering my mind again. conveniently, right as school is starting and the problem will be back in town.

I’m over trying to get over it.  

I would love it if one of the other members of this house would pick up their shit!! When they’re busy working I’m like “k whatever they’re busy” but when i come home from work at 11pm to all of their shit everywhere and said person is just laying on their bed doing nothing I’m like……HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Come on now man!

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